Please enjoy this collection of hilarious bits and knee-slapping pieces, gathered from students over the course of the semester. Bet you can't get to the end without laughing out loud!

Who am I?

Do not put me on your ear, or take pictures with me. You look terrible sometimes! I honestly can’t with the ASMR videos either.

Don’t bite me. Don’t sharpen me. DO NOT put me in your nose. I’m tired and short. Leave me alone before I poke you! 

Who am I?


Please don’t eat me! You will cut my life short. I am specially molded and shaped. I just wanna cry! Well, if you must eat me... do it at your own ris… CRUNCH!

Written by Iyla Lara, age 13 

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Who am I?

My name is Henry, and I am going to tell you about two good pranks.

Me and my brother Luke were riding our bikes and we decided to have a race. 

I put water all over the road between the park and my house, but only on his side of the road.

Because of the water, he had to go behind me and I won! Even though I pranked him to win, I'm still better at riding bikes...

Now I will tell you about another prank I pulled on my brother:

it was on a Tuesday, and there was no school, but my brother did not know. 

I said that he should go to the bus stop and wait for the bus because I was too sick to go to school. 

So he went and about two hours later, he came back. He was so mad and he was looking all over the house for me!


by Ayden Payoute


Written by Ayden  Payoute, age 11 

Illustrated by Shannon  Pyne* 

When I was sleeping, my dad threw water at me to wake me up. 

The prank was so good that I hit my dad with a pillow! 

The next day after school I snuck up on my dad and hit him with a pillow. 

Later, I scared my dad with a horn. 

Then he poured a bucket of water on me!

Pranking My Dad

By Joanne Eljizoli


Written by  Joanne Eljizoli, age 8 

Illustrated by Shannon  Pyne* 

Which of these beautiful animals are you?


- Bookworm

- Charming

- Loves pastries

- Nature Lover

- Funny

- Loves any kind of craft

- Fashionista

- Creative

- Reads lots of magazines

- Artist

- Independent

- Loves TikTok

Images from the world  wide web,

modified by Rayann Shah, age 9, and Salma Ali, age 9 


When I trick my tutor...

"How do you know what the bathroom tastes like?"

This soda tastes like the bathroom!

Captions written by  Angel Rosado, age 9 

Images taken from the world wide web

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