Porkchop the Pig

by Oriana Dunker

All Those Lies

by Maryam Herrera

Making a New Friend

by Olivia Martins-Suazo

The Spider Sibs: Part 2

by Ibrahim Shah

The Princess Escapes

by Shayla Omolade

Two Prank-Filled Days

by Praise Ugwu, Najma Aden, and Nagwa Kodi

The Joke Show

by Rayann Shah

The Crazy Prank

by Samira Ali

The Way to be a Good Fortnite Player

by Kamaal Abdisalam, Maryam Herrera, Salma Abdisalam, and Abdullahi Salat

Funny Animals Doing Weird Things

by Imran Shah

Jeff Gets Left Behind

by Marcio Spinola

The Story About the Underwear Joke

by Heather Jeanty

Trouble On The Bus

by Troy Crawford

I'm A Qualified Chef, OK?

by George Stamatos

The Tiny British Bake-Off

by Iman Shah

Karen's Galactic Adventures #1

by Salma Ali

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